100 Miles From Houston

Story Behind The Song

A friend of mine has a cousin that led the police on a high speed chase in his 18 wheeler 160 miles headed south from Houston Texas. He was spiked three times and never stopped! Greatest "running from the law" story I've ever heard (also dumbest - but hey, who is to judge).

Song Description

Man run's from the law in an 18 wheeler. Wonder's about his past and what got him hear. Either way he's a 100 miles from Houston headed south!

Song Length 3:43 Genre Country - Americana, Country - General
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Anxious, Poignant Subject City, Prison
Similar Artists Pat Green, Robert Earl Keen Language English
Era 2000 and later


100 miles from houston, and the law is on my tail
If I don't make the border, they'll take me to jail
don't know what I did, but they say I broke the law
Don't know what I'll do if I see that Gavel fall
I can still hear the words coming out of the judges mouth
I'm 100 miles from Houston, and headed south.

Chorus 2
100 miles from houston, and the law is on my tail
If I don't make the border, they'll take me to jail
I don't know what I did, but they say I did wrong
My mama says she knew it all along
Look into my rearview and see those flashing lights
I'm 100 miles from Houston tonight

Vs 1
I grew up poor on the wrong side of town
Mama said I was bad and always let her down
She had alot of boyfriends but not one that I called Dad
In the end that's what really made her mad.
But I don't think she's to blame!


I moved into the city and fell in with some friends.
We're not very proud of all things we did.
Running our own lives and singing our own songs
Back then we were having fun all wrong.
But I don't think they're to blame...

I cant help but wonder about my checkered the past
The way I was living way too hard and way too fast
Maybe she was right and maybe I am bad
I know I hurt some people and I know I made em sad
Now I know I'm to blame


My rig wound up tight and running really smooth
The way I see it I had nothing left to lose
As the sun sets I know it wont be long
So I crank up the stereo and play my favorite song
Cause I know I'm to blame.....

Chorus 2

Lyrics Jared LoStracco Music Jared LoStracco
Producer Jim Taylor Publisher N/A
Performance Jared LoStracco, Jim Taylor, Spence Peppard Label N/A
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