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When the person in the song began the relationship, it was wonderful. Then the other person became too possessive and domineering. It shows regret over the relationship, since circumstances have changed.

Song Length 3:31 Genre Latin - Rock, Pop - General
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Subject Dysfunctional Relations, Regret
Similar Artists The Dave Matthews Band, The Police Language English
Era 1980 - 1989


Silently the whispers turn to thought,
While talking over coffee in a sleep.
I tell you that I need a love, but still I'm not something to keep.
We see the lighthouse beam stop as the fog lifts above.
Still, I can't help this emotion, 'cause I'm a Prisoner of Your Love.

Trying not to look eye to eye,
While the conversation stops.
Not knowing what to say to you, while the inconvenient subject drops.
But if anybody told me someday the road would get to be this rough
I would have ended it then, 'cause I'm a Prisoner of Your Love.

Ooh now we're together again,
Loving each moment away.
Just until things work out. Honey, let's keep it that way.
But if I ever thought someday I'd say "Girl, I've had enough",
I would have ended it then, 'cause I'm a Prisoner of Your Love.

Lyrics John Worsham Music John Worsham
Producer John Worsham Publisher Worshamusic
Performance John Worsham Label None
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