What Is Love

Song Description

What is Love is a crossover song. Feel lost without God or Love. Feel better with these two things. Discover true love.

Song Length 4:09 Genre Pop - Religious
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Mood Endearing
Subject Spirituality, Relationship Language English
Era 2000 and later


What Is Love 06-06-02
Music by: John Kinslow Jr Lyrics by: John Kinslow Jr/Tamara Morton, Wes Whorton

Verse 1
D/f# D/g D/f# A
When I met you, I was lost without you
D/f# D/g A D
Here in your presence found a better way
D/f# D/g D/f# A
Now I?m leaving the world behind me
D/f# D/g A D
Pressing forward with my eyes on You

What is love, You stand before me
What is this love, that overwhelms me
What is love, I feels your holiness surround me
What is love? What is love?(repeat chorus)
What is love? You are love.

Verse 2
Your love is constant, it never leaves me
Always calling me to higher ground
I do not understand the depth of this love
I only know that it?s here to stay

Chorus 3 times (2nd time vocals only)

Verse 3 (repeat 1st part of verse 1)
When I met you I as lost without you,
Here in you presence found a better way

Chorus (Acappella)

Lyrics John Kinslow Jr/Tamara Morton/Wes Whorton Music John Kinslow Jr
Producer John Kinslow Jr

What Is Love

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