Into the City Night

Song Description

A melancholy lounge piano jazz.

Song Length 3:12 Genre Jazz - Lounge, Unique - Soundtracks
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Poignant
Music John Lawrence Schick Performance John Lawrence Schick
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Abram Band Cinematic Sounds 1/7/2016
Abram Band Best Unique Film Sound Tracks 1/7/2016
Abram Band Keyboard Master 1/7/2016
Abram Band Descriptive Best Unique Sound Tracks 1/7/2016
Abram Band Music That Speaks Volumes 1/7/2016
Abram Band Live to Give 1/7/2016
Abram Band Creative Works Expressive Work Projected 1/7/2016
Abram Band Best Writing And Arrangements 1/7/2016
Abram Band Expressive Music In Motion 1/7/2016
Abram Band Passionate Film's Best 1/7/2016
Abram Band Passionate Artist 1/7/2016
Abram Band Best Unique Instrumentals Pro 1/7/2016
Abram Band Best Sounds & Writing 1/7/2016
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Abram Band Top Songs & Music Tracks 9/23/2015
Cyndi Corkran John Lawrence Schick 9/6/2015
Cyndi Corkran Keyboard master 9/6/2015
Cyndi Corkran Cityscapes 9/6/2015
Cyndi Corkran Hauntingly beautiful 9/6/2015
Cyndi Corkran Dreamy 9/6/2015
Cyndi Corkran Lovely soundtrack... 9/6/2015
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Cyndi Corkran Beautiful music 9/6/2015
Cyndi Corkran My Top Songs 9/6/2015

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