When The Lights Go Out

Song Description

We can't live with or without each other

Song Length 3:50 Genre Folk - Contemporary, Folk - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Language English Era 2000 and later


When The Lights Go Out

Lot of demons lurking in the dark
When the lights go out
Lot of things going on in the park
When the lights go out
Night time runners waiting on their mark
When the lights go out
By day they just can't stand to look each other in the face
But here they are now ready to invade each others space
When the lights go out

People backing away from the waves
When the tide comes in
Like they don't know how to behave
When the tide comes in
Dragging their towels from a watery grave
When the tide comes in
They're giving up ground to the weeds and the foam
Trying to tolerate each other til it's time to go home
When the tide comes in

And oh, don't we like to think we're so precious
I'm ok, leave me alone, I just need my own space
We'd disappear up ourselves if we'd let us
Footsteps behind so I'll pick up the pace
But sooner or later we're back in the cave
With our instincts leading the way

People staring ahead into space
When the train arrives
Concentrating on another place
When the train arrives
Resignation written right across their face
When the train arrives
Folding their papers and staring at the ads
Going home to their houses and their bachelor pads
When the train arrives

Yet more good work John......love your style.......

Wow, that is some amazing songwriting. What a deliciously depressing song!

Lyrics John Evans Music John Evans
Producer John Evans Performance John Evans
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