Meet Me at the Watering Hole

Story Behind The Song

This song was inspired by a safari I took in Africa, seeing many animals gathered around the watering hole. Like their version of the local bar :)

Song Length 4:35 Genre World - African, World - African
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood In High Spirits, Welcoming Subject Wild Animals, Water
Language English


Kudu tells her lady friend, "Honey, we're in luck Get a look at those spiral horns, such a handsome buck. Ain't no doubt about it, what he aims to do But when he starts to catch our drift, will he be sniffin' me or you?"

CHORUS Meet me at the watering hole, meet me at the watering hole It's drying up, better fill your cup, c'mon and meet me at the watering hole

Baboon babbles to his mate, "There's no jeopardy As long as Leopard keeps his spots hiding in the baobab tree Momentarily peaceful, predator and prey Hyena laughs to the big giraffe, "Tomorrow I'll be chewing on your better half!"


I know the rhino's making tracks, he's gonna be here soon Hippo's rockin' with the crocodile, 'neath the savanna moon "Show your stripes, you zebras," the King of Beasts is cryin' "I ain't nothing but a pussycat," but they know that he's a lion


(bridge) Nyala, buffalo, springbok, all gathered at the
feast Those here first better quench your thirst, cause yonder comes a million thundering wildebeest
Make way for the elephants, they've all packed their trunks Pass their hours in the shower, hosing off their pachyderm funk Big bull bellows to his herd, "We have no enemy Except for that poacher's gun, when he's after our ivory"


Lyrics John Duggleby Music John Duggleby
Performance John Duggleby
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