Story Behind The Song

ive been having a crush on my bestfriend for the longest so i wrote a song explaining how i felt

Song Length 3:10 Genre Pop - General
Subject Attracted, Crush Similar Artists One Direction, Miley Cyrus
Language English Era 2000 and later


First off girl
I think your beautiful
I kept it in for too long
It's time to let you know
I've been had a crush on you
For a while now
U always look amazing
And I love your smile
I get butterflies when u around
Ima treat u like a queen
Yea you got the crown
Tbh I'm scared u gonna turn me down
I wanna tell u bout I don't know how

My friends telling me quit being shy
Cause all I ever talk about is u an I
I see perfection when I look you in the eye
I promise girl
I'm not like another guys
All I need is one chance
To prove I'm better than the rest girl
So give me one chance
And ima show you why I'm not like the rest

I finally got a chance to tell u wats on my mind
I think about u all day
And all night
If we where together
My dreams would come true
But I have some to say
I have a crush on you

Now it's time to tell u wats on my mind
I'm not gonna lie girl I'm terrified
Now we here
Face to face
Eye to eye
Girl your like a star in the sky
We can hang out at the mall
Play video games
Or basketball
I could hold ur books
When we walking in the hall
So are u mines
Girl it's your call

Vocals are excellent! Catchy tune,great work

"since Mid-School, I gotta crush on you" -TOTALLY stuck in my head (and that is RARE on here). Cool groove, modern sound, relatable lyric...and most importantly, you have a lift, a chorus, and huge hook. Well done!!!

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