Rooftop Rescue

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Rooftop Rescue
Woke up to the sound of screaming strangers Tuesday morning
somewhere in the middle of a life( I think it was mine)

The T.V, was blaring the kids were swearing
Terrorizing somebody's fine young beautiful wife (I think she was mine)

There were overflowing
Laundry baskets, and dirty dishes
Bathtub water flooding out the bathroom floor

(I thought to myself)
I should get to higher ground before I drown
chorus This house just don't seem stable anymore
Calling cross the universe
Any alien will do
I'm stranded in a strange world
Can I get a rooftop rescue
Send a life line
Send a ladder
Beam me up
It doesn't really matter
Mothership, you're overdue
Can I get a rooftop rescue

All around town - trying to run me down
These killer soccer mom's in there tank size S.U.V.'s

Running every red light - tailgating every car
Trying to get there kids to a million after school activities

They got hockey karate baseball and dance
Seizing the day in a sleep deprived zombie trance

I need a safe place from the human race
A friendly star deep in outer space
I work double time and overtime and pencil in sleep
For a tiny little check that the government gets to keep

All for these sneaky little envelopes that multiply
Crawling out of my mail box to suck my checkbook dry

Cell phone,land line,water and heat
Credit cards and cable HMO and electricity

I'm drowning in a paper sea of debt
Tying to make a living is feeling like certain death

So take a look down........Cause I'm looking up.......Waiting

Lyrics Joe Merrick Music Joe Merrick
Producer Joe merrick Publisher Splucky Music
Performance Joe Merrick
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