9 II 1

Story Behind The Song

I wrote this song back in the early 80's but remixed in the 2000's

Song Description

About an incident that happened outside a club parking lot based in the 50's

Song Length 4:02 Genre Rock - Alternative
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject World Similar Artists , The Clash
Language English


Sunny side down at the Royal Crown
Where many colored heads hang around
Colored heads with ties and red-stripped jeans
And their crazy kind of noise and funny scenes

9 II 1

They always hang around with their dark sun glasses
Down the parking lot where they hang in masses
They're always sippin' it 'til they all get high
Then they reach the point that they can fly

9 II 1

High-speed junky cars are riding around
With their loud punk music at the Royal Crown
Then along came some punks with their leather jackets
Down the parking lot where they're styling clashes

9 II 1

Sometimes they swing their fist 'til they touch the ground
'til one of them is down without a sound
At the end they spin around 'til they're all are gone
Then they meet again from nine to one

9 II 1

Lyrics Joel Izquierdo Music Joel Izquierdo
Producer Joel Izquierdo Performance Joel Izquierdo on all Instruments
Label none
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