Long Haul, Baby

Story Behind The Song

My daughter had leukemia when she was 2 and contracted hepatitis C through blood transfusions that kept her alive. She just finished a two year chemotherapy program. My wife just had her colon removed and is still in recovery and rehab from spending most of the spring in the hospital. We have had special friends during these times that have gotten us through it with God's help.

Song Description

Any marriage is a long haul. Any relationship worth its salt is a long haul. This song is a pledge that active people in active love need to make in order to keep their relationship solvent and thriving.

Song Length 4:21 Genre Country - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Mixed Vocals
Mood Moving, Poignant Subject Anger, Arrogance
Similar Artists Alabama, Clint Black Language English
Era 1990 - 1999


I'm in for the long haul, baby.
And I'm stupid just to think I know
Just how far
That I'm supposed to go.
Sometimes it's like a tall wall, baby.
And if we don't give up
We might learn something God has filled our cup with.
Runnin' over my hands with.

Sorry, no drive through.
Line backs up the turnpike.
Find a radio station, watch the rain.
In every chapter,
A strong and gentle laughter
Can pull us through the heartbreak and the pain. (chorus)

Sorry, I hurt you.
But I will not desert you.
So dry those eyes and hear what I have to say.
The road I'm finding,
is long and winding.
But with God's help we're sure to find the way. (Chorus)

Lyrics Joe Hesh Music Joe Hesh
Producer Joe Hesh Performance Joe Hesh and Caleb
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