We'll Make It This Time

Story Behind The Song

This is a story of finding one's true love after having had devastating, painful relationships with others.

Song Description

After enduring the pain and disappointment of having had dead-end relationships, a guy is ecstatic and amazed at finding the one life-long true love at last!

Song Length 3:00 Genre Pop - Rock, Rock - Easy Listening
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Endearing, Exultant Subject Falling in Love, Madly In Love
Similar Artists The Eagles, Harry Nilsson Language English
Era 1970 - 1979


We sure have had some bad luck,
other loves have been so untrue,
and we both have felt the damage
the hurt can do.

Although the future may seem so hazy,
your love burns through the darkest night,
and now I know girl that you're the one
for the rest of my life.

And I know we'll make it this time,
There's no doubt in my mind,
Leave our hard luck behind,
And girl we'll make it, well make it this time.

And the thing I'll always cherish,
is how you came into my life
and brought a world of love
I'd never known

And it's truly most amazing,
how easily you switched on my light,
and shined out beams of love
I'd not been shown.

Well girl, now that I've found you,
don't want to ever let you go,
gonna keep your love right here
yeah, and let it grow.

And this mystery's still unfolding,
so unbelievable to me,
Now I know just how beautiful
life was meant to be.

Lyrics Joseph Di Fabbio Music Jpseph Di Fabbio
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