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Song Length 4:35 Genre Rock - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Gloomy, Heated Subject Fight, Making Up
Language English Era 2000 and later


3 Messages
Words and Music by Joe Chinnici c2004

Hello, tell me how ya doin?
Why don?t you call me, why don?t you pick up the line
Why don?t you want to confront me
Why don?t you want to be mine

I know you?re thinkin? that it?s over
Can?t you see it, we were meant to be
To be together forever
Together, you and me

So won?t you call me, you gotta call me
I don?t want to go away
So won?t you call me, you gotta call me
Hear what I have to say

Hello, won?t you pick up the phone now
This is stupid, the games you have to play
Why you been acting so childish
Why you been behaving this way

I know you?re sitting there on your sofa
With your new boyfriend, sharing a bottle of wine
I can?t believe I ever loved you
I can?t believe I wasted all this damn time

You better call me, you gotta call me
I got a bone to pick with you
You better call me, pick up the phone and call me
Pick it up now, I?ll give you a talking to

Hello, I?m so sorry
I really blew it, and now I understand just why
Why you had to leave me
Why you haven?t called me back, and why it?s time for me to say goodbye

Lyrics Joe Chinnici Music Joe Chinnici
Producer Joe Chinnici Publisher Pahaska Music
Performance Joe Chinnici Label Harman/Kardon & Infinity
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