Song Length 2:50 Genre Folk - Rock


You tell me I'm neurotic
but I say I'm sensitive
You tell me I think too much
but I like to stay in touch we me
lalaladida me, such a wonderful me

I want to find an angle
in my looking glass
I will find pattern
even if it's cracked for me
laladida me, such a mystery me

Sometimes I let myself go
try to care about what you said
then things get way too slow
I'd rather be with me instead

I'm a good friend indeed
l listen very carefully
sorting all your problems
to see how they might affect me
lalida, so complimentary me


I've got to figure out
I've got to understand
everything you do
so I can have the greatest plan
for me........
It's all about me, all about me, all about me....

Lyrics Joan Huntsberry Music Joan Huntsberry

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