give your love away

Story Behind The Song

Being a parent and a teacher J Nolen realized that they need positive re-enforcement just as well.

Song Description

Parents and teachers need to be reassured that the good training and guidence they give their children is a form of love. And if this love persists the childen will produce good things.

Song Length 4:12 Genre R & B - Funk
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Cool Subject Joy
Similar Artists Babyface Language English


Verse: Agrivation seems like all they deal. Appreciation is the one thig that you rarely feel. Fust take a little time to realize they'll be glad for all you've done in good time.

Chours: Don't stop giving. Don't stop living the life. Don't stop loving so give your love away.
Don't stop sharing. Don't stop caring for them. Don't stop loving so give your love away.

Verse: Never think of all the things you do as time thats been wasted. But try to think of all you do as time well spent instead. I believe that miricles can happen fust for you. I could be wrong now, but I don't think so.


Verse: I want you to understand this thing, be consistant with every good thing. As they grow mor ehappiness they'll bring back to you so, don't stop.


Lyrics J. NOLEN Music J. NOLEN
Producer J. NOLEN Publisher THE NOLENIUM
Performance J. NOLEN Label THE NOLENIUM
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