One Day Off

Story Behind The Song

One Day Off can mean, "Give me a break," while you're rolling your eyes or, "I'm not going to think about this for a while."

Song Description

The want to escape the craziness you see and hear in day to day life. The willingness to believe something that is not based on fact. The waste of collective energy.

Song Length 4:47 Genre Pop - Alternative, Pop - Alternative
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Stressed, Disconcerted Subject Frustration, Disgust
Similar Artists Steely Dan Era 2000 and later


One Day Off
Words & Music by John Masarone

I had to be somewhere an hour ago
meet up with people that I don't even know

I need one day off

Continue talk about the way it should be
treating humans like they can't count to three

I need one day off

There's endless cycles in this roundabout
it sometimes seems like there's no way out

I need one day off

And all this energy is all around
yet no cure for anything is found

I need one day off

What seems unmistakably
some reality based on fallacy
People see what they want to see
irregardless of what factually is there

I never said a word so there I sat
hearing arguments the world is flat

I need one day off

Don't you know my friend the Earth is curved
you'll never change that take my word

and take one day off
just one day off

The vocals are really good, this sounds like something that I would listen to in the car on an easy listening radio station. The instrumentation is also very well done, it's original and it isn't just a four chord song which I always appreciate. The end is my favourite with the "aaahs", the harmonies blend together very nicely.

Lyrics John Masarone Music John Masarone
Producer John Masarone Performance John Masarone, Karen Parker-Masarone
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