Story Behind The Song

Nepotism gone bad is probably more common than not. This song gives an insight to the feelings of the workers on the receiving end.

Song Description

When nepotism in the workplace goes bad. Boss brings in son to workplace even though he has no clue as to how things operate in the business. The employees talk about him with disgust. "How could this douchebag tell me what to do when I've been here 18 years and know more than him?"

Song Length 4:13 Genre Rock - Alternative, Blues - Rock
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Cross, Detestable Subject Anger, Office
Similar Artists Steely Dan Language English
Era 2000 and later


Words and Music by John Masarone

You thought you had me
and fooled everyone
You son of the top gun

You hardly know a heart or a soul
You think you are so

You know no limits you know no shame
You think you're the boss
You're at a loss

and a douchebag

You are pathetic
A narcissistic jerk
A piece of work

You think it's your money
You think you have fame
but it is so funny because you're so lame

and a douchebag

You think the world's for you
but you don't have a clue

Everyone knows you are such a prick
They won't say it
but you are a dick

and a douchebag

You think the world's for you
but you don't have a clue
In eighteen years I have done a great job
but you are a menace and your shit must stop!

If I could can you
you would be gone
Until that day comes here is my song

you're a douchebag

For awhile, I thought you were singing about somebody else, but I'm not gonna name names. But seriously, this is a song most people can relate to, and it really strikes home for me, and a song that a lot of blue collar workers can certainly relate to. Witty and very well done musically as well. I like the sluggish intro. It is a nice departure from the norm. I also like the brief instrumental following the bridge.

I enjoyed listening to the lyrics of the song as well as the singers delivery. The bluesy guitar solo's were well played but I don't think I heard one single transition into a B or C section. It was A section for the whole 4 mins plus but it kinda worked for the type of song it is. Funny and seemingly honest!

Lyrics John Masarone Music John Masarone
Producer John Masarone Performance John Masarone, Ben Whitten, Karen Parker-Masarone
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