What I dream

Story Behind The Song

Really be crushed, and continuing to be crushed every time you meet.

Song Description

This is about meeting someone special, feeling a connection, seeing beauty in everything about the person, really clicking with no effort. Because of this you can't get them off your mind

Song Length 3:35 Genre Rock - Easy Listening, Classical - Romantic
Tempo Floating Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Delightful, Relaxed Subject Attracted, Crush, Falling in Love
Language English Era 2000 and later


Just another day, nothing strange, I hear about fate, is my timing late.

Wanna ride this wave, gonna wait awhile, I'm being crushed by your beautiful smile.

I see everything
I see what I dream
I see everything I dream

Laying in the sand, light shines through your hair,
If I was a painter, you'd still be there.
Sun start's to blush, across your pretty face, this day was simple in a different way.

I see everything
I see what I dream
I see everything I dream...

And its you, you, it's you...

Yeah you, yeah you, yeah you..

I dream of you, yeah you, yeah you...

Hey its you, yeah you, it's you...

Its you, yeah you, its you, I dream of you

Lyrics Jon Lyons Music Jon Lyons
Producer Jon Lyons Publisher Jon Lyons
Performance Jon Lyons Label Jon Lyons

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