Hatshepsut - Pharaoh Queen

Story Behind The Song

This flute solo captures the essence of Hatshepsut; it embodies her feminine strength and determination. She was the first female Pharaoh of Egypt who went from wife to regent to ruler and created over 20 years of peace and prosperity. She protected Egypt from foreign invasions and established lucrative trading lines. She was intelligent and innovative and built her "brand" to ensure acceptance as a female ruler during her life. She was strong, feminine, a mother, a visionary, and a leader. When she died, her son ruled, and he and subsequent male Pharaohs sought to wipe out her image and memory - but her legacy survives.

Song Length 4:23 Genre Classical - General, Classical - Contemporary
Tempo Tempo Undefined Mood Composed, Cool
Subject Femininity, History, Past Era Before 1600
Music Janice L. Trayes Producer Janice L. Trayes
Publisher Janice L. Trayes Performance Dr. Julia Barnett
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