Waiting For The Dog to Die

Story Behind The Song

There's an old saying, "Life begins when the kids move out and the dog dies. This song was inspired by the last half of that statement.

Song Description

Young man always wanted a dog as a kid. Finally gets one of his own after he grows up. Discovers that he's got no free time, no love life, no one but the dog. Loves the pooch dearly but admittedly looks forward to the day that nature takes its course LOL! (No dogs were harmed in the writing of this song) ((I LOVE dogs!!!))

Song Length 3:09 Genre Country - Honky Tonk, Country - Cowboy
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Serene, Affable Subject Dogs, Laugh, Smile
Language English Era 2000 and later


I never had a dog when I was a kid
But now that I'm all growed up, it's the first thing that I did
I found myself a shelter and I rescued me a mutt
He was in a cage, all alone...and chewing on his butt

He followed me to the car, He followed me back home
Ever since that evening long ago I've never...ever...ever been alone
He waits outside the bathroom door, he sticks to me like glue
He loves me so agressively I don't know what to do.......so now I'm

Waitin' for the dog to die
Waitin' for the dog to die
I could've had a life, maybe dated once or twice
Instead I'm waiting for the dog to die

When I go to school at night he follows me to class
Go to church on Sunday morning, he follows me to Mass
Don't get me wrong, he's the best buddy in the world
But I can't remember the last time that
I was with a girl

Man's best friend is getting kind of stale
I'd like to get kissed my something that didn't have a tail
So move over Rover, let Jimmy take over
I'm waiting for the dog to die

Waiting for the Dog to die
Waiting for the dog to die
He's mans' best friend
I'm gonna love him to the end
But I'm still waiting for the dog to die

Lyrics Jim Rezac Music Jim Rezac
Performance Jim Rezac, Kenny Belmont,
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