Runaway Train

Story Behind The Song

Wanted to personify...or give a 'location' to desperate and lonely darkness, pain, solitude

Song Description

a sorrowful man seeking redemption

Song Length 4:52 Genre Country - Americana, Country - Americana
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Gloomy, Poignant
Subject Sorrow, Spirituality Language English


Highway of Loneliness is what I ride
Waters of Darkness, running deep inside
Station of Solitude is where I wait
Golden Chariot, don't be late

Mountain of Sorry, River of Pain
Path of Lies, I'm on that Road again
If I bathe the River of Salvation
If I wash in the Sanctifying Rain
Will the Winds of Change
Speak my name
And roll me off this Runaway Train

City of Sin, Wailing Wall
Dungeon of Sorry, you know I've seen them all
Desert of Blood, Valley of Tears
Runaway of Train...Ship of Fears


The road to heaven very long
every track I take is always wrong
River Jordan so very wide
Promise Land always on the other side


Bottle of Whiskey calls my name
Mr Jameson, it's you and me again
Sleeping pills, one last song
Train to Nowhere...don't be long


Lyrics Jim Rezac Music Jim Rezac
Publisher Blue Beach Publishing Performance Bobbi Fisher background vocals
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