Love Letter 4 A Nation (live

Story Behind The Song

I wrote this song just after our pandemic started, but a week prior to George Floyd's murder. I became even more poignant when I played it for the very first time, live, in the Old historic State House in Dover, DE (the First State of our Nation). And then, as we approached and passed JAN. 6th....It felt as if I was writing about what I was goin to see before even seeing it.

Song Description

From Covid to a divided country I felt this heaviness in the spring of 2020. More hate than I wanted to see and on a daily basis. Written prior to George Floyd dying, but as if I was aware of it...performed for the first time in a 200+ yr old courthouse in Historic Dover, DE...where founding fathers like Washington witnessed pivotal moments in our country's beginnings. And by the time our divided brothers and sister reached Jan. 6th...the song rung more true than I had originally intended. If our country really was the lady we once held in our hearts....what would she think of us? And how could she keep opening her arms to us?

Song Length 4:45 Genre Pop - General, Rock - General
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Subject Change, Country, Nation
Language English
Lyrics Jim Rezac Music Jim Rezac
Performance Jim Rezac
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