What Seems Like Hell to You (has been Heaven to Me).

Story Behind The Song

Domestic violence is wrong. Anna sings gorgeous harmony on this one.

Song Length 3:26 Genre Blues - Country, Country - Americana
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Peaceful, Composed Subject Dysfunctional Family, Recovery
Similar Artists Bruce Springsteen, Garth Brooks Language English


She's been livin' here forty five days and the trailer is small
She's eats rice and some beans and sometimes she don't eat at all
Both she and her daughter are happy since Daddy's been gone
And she's content just to sit at the table and bask in the sun

A big night is frozen cheese pizza and Kool-Aid for two
And the sounds of the radio play when the dishes are through
Though the blankets are hand-me-downs from St. Vincent DePaul
She'll tell you she's richer right now than when she had it all

O the Businessmen look down their noses and they think I'm a tramp
They sneer at my tattered pajamas and they grin when I pay with food stamps
But their sneers and the laughter mean nothing to someone like me
Cause what may seem like hell to you
Has been heaven to me

Me and my daughter were tired of the slaughter
We got fed up with losing the war
I left Roanoke, Virginia on a Greyhound last winter
And I ain't goin back anymore
There's no kind of truce for that kind of abuse, you see
What seems like hell to you has been heaven to me.

Now the danger is passed and there's freedom at last
And there's no more policemen to call
The telephone hangs where it should it ain't torn off the wall
And the cupboards ain't full but the contents are pure luxury
Cause what seems like hell to you
What seems like hell to you
What seems like hell to you
Has been heaven to me

Lyrics Jim Bohn Music Jim Bohn
Producer Geo Nestler Publisher Extra Fish
Performance Jim Bohn Anna Marie Bohn
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