Take Me Down

Story Behind The Song

Walking past summer fields one day, I heard a line that fit Dale's voice perfectly ... and that's how he sang it.

Song Length 6:05 Genre R & B - Classic, R & B - Classic
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Serene, Peaceful
Subject Happiness, Peace Similar Artists Van Morrison, Chicago
Language English


I feel the heart of summer sunrise
I feel the heat upon the grain
Feel the eyes of worldly wonder
Feel the freshness of the rain
Feel the sadness in the sunset
Feel the calm of summer morn
When the lives of all creation
I thank God that I've been born.

I find peace when I am walking
And I hold my children close
When the quiet of the nighttime surrounds me
And I know I am restored
When the moon smile down upon me
And the answers are so clear
Then I stand in happy sadness
And I weep those happy tears.

Take me down
To the river where I was born
To the river where I was born
Take me down
To the shimmering shining water
To my sons and to my daughters

I have questioned my existence
I have wondered o'er my pain
I have strained to understand the
Many sufferings
And the tragedy of man
But when I think of all that moves me
when true reality is gain
When a smile from a stranger on the corner
And I'm on my way again.

Lyrics Jim Bohn Music Jim Bohn
Performance Mike Sipin, Randy Liska, Dan Burgard, Dale Corrigan (lead vocal), Mike Haupt, Mike Gregor, Jim Bohn
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