Let the sun go down

Song Description

Guy on his way back to a woman he left

Song Length 3:20 Genre Rock - Classic, Pop - Classic
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Pleased, Delighted Subject Long


Well I'm fillin up my gas tank
Getting ready to ride
Spent a long time waiting'
But I'm coming back to your side
Well everybody makes mistakes
But sometimes we get a break
To mend the damage that we've done
Along on the way.

I called you on the phone
Left a message at your office a week ago
Never heard a thing
And then I felt the sting of a shoulder cold
But then on my voice machine
A message from you saying "Come back to me."
My regrets turned to hope - I'm burning highway tonight..

Driving on through the night with a cigarette keepin me company
Never felt so cold and I'm in serious need of your company
I thought I could make it alone but your lovin is a serious malady
Stopped in to the chapel to say my prayers and I'm back on the road to you.

We will be together best friends forever
Living as one
With a happy relation
Under the summer sun
When the tragedy of human pride
Stuck a cold knife into my side
Then my heartfelt song
Turned to sweet satisfaction in you.

Let the sun go down and I'll be there when you awaken
I thought I was so right
And now I know I was mistaken
And I am leaving this town with a sense
That I have been shaken
Stopped in to the chapel to say my prayers and I'm back on the road to you.

Lyrics james bohn Music james bohn
Producer walls have ears
Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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