Waiting On You

Song Length 3:40 Genre Pop - Rock
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Language English
Era 2000 and later


Waiting on You

Verse 1:
It seemed to me we were happy
Till you showed up at my door
The look in your eyes
The force in your smile
And the chill that?s in your voice
You?re telling me we?re not over you just, need some time alone

Verse 2:
So go if you want to
I won?t try to stop you
I won?t try to make you stay
Just don?t try to tease me or lead me along
Don?t try to tell me we?lll be ok
I know that you don?t feel the same anymore
Cause I?ve heard it all before

So baby you can go
But I want you to know
I?m not staying here just to wait by the phone.
You can take your time,
But I?m not wasting mine
Stringin right along while you?re draggin the line.
So now its up to you
If this is what you choose
Baby, then I hope that you?re thinking it through
Cause baby you can go oh,
But I won?t be waiting on you.

Verse 3
If this is the end
Baby please don?t pretend
You better give it to me straigh
And if you kiss me goodbye
I know I?ll miss you tonight
But I don?t wanna play this game.
Cause I won?t do it again the way it happened back then.
I?m gonna make you tell me right where I stand.


Saying we?ll be alright
You just need some time
Time on your own
But I know better
And I?m not waiting alone


Lyrics Jamison Rotz Music Jamison Rotz
Producer Jamison Rotz Performance Jessica Mellott
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