Nose to the Grindstone

Song Length 3:38 Genre Rock - Roots/Rock n' Roll
Tempo Fast (151 - 170) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Worried, Restless Subject Worry, Darkness
Similar Artists Billy Joel, Ben Folds Era 2000 and later


Nose to the Grindstone

I'm diggin' for gold
But nothin' comes free
The dark and the cold
Are diggin' through me
I work like a slave
With freedom in sight
Crawlin' this cave
Lookin' for light

I'm blazin' my trail
Not to be bound
Refusing to fail
Standin' my ground

I got no easy out
Nowhere to turn
No room for doubt
Or time to burn
I gotta keep to myself
All on my own
Pride on the shelf
Nose to the grindstone

There's dues I must pay
Wheels to be spun
I can't stop to play
I got things to be done
When I'm comin' untied
Goin' out of my head
I think of what I'd
Be doin' instead

And I keep blazin' my trail . . .

I got no easy out . . .

I roll by the graveyard
See what awaits
My will is my safeguard
Gonna get me through the gates

I got no easy out . . .

Lyrics Jesse Rubenfeld Music Jesse Rubenfeld
Producer M.P. Kuo & Jesse Rubenfeld
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