Crazy Lady (c)2010

Story Behind The Song

A man met a woman who he was intrigued by her mannerisms and hobbies. He falls for the woman and hope she falls for him but is reluctant to do so.

Song Description

Man describing a quirky woman that to some might seem a bit crazy. He is interested in her, her 2 kids (peas in a pod), her gardening, her ADHD type attention span and conversation style and hopes that she's crazy about him.

Song Length 2:47 Genre Rock - Alternative, Pop - Alternative
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Cool, Welcoming Subject Relationship, Attracted, Crush
Language English Era 2000 and later


Crazy Lady
(c)2010 JJ Williams

She's A Crazy Lady
Always running round
Never knowing where's she going or where's she's been.

She's got two peas in the pod
And a garden in the yard
And hardly has a minute to let me in.

She's A Crazy Lady, Not A Lazy Lady
And I'm hoping to find that she's crazy
About me

She works near every day
Never time to play
And when she's home she'd rather be sleeping in

And in a moments time
She'll talk about one thing or another
Without takin' a breath or ever missing a beat.


She's A Crazy Lady
She's A Crazy Lady
She's A Crazy Lady

Good performance. Liked the harmonies. Good sort of mellow Neil Young vibe. Like the interesting vocal timbre.

- The vocal harmonies are really solid and a strength with this song.
- Very clear vocal hook. "She's a crazy lady"
- The affection for this "Crazy Lady" is clear in the song! Well done.

Lyrics JJ Williams Music JJ Williams
Producer JJ Williams Publisher Loft Music
Performance JJ Williams Label Loft Music

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