Bubbly - Instrumental

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Have fun with it! I hear some glitches in my mix...not sure what it is? Sound like it didn't mix down right...I will check it out?

Song Length 5:45 Genre Rock - Funk, Unique - Soundtracks
Tempo Tempo Undefined Mood In High Spirits, On Cloud Nine


I look for new beats all the time. I have many crazy instrumental mixes. I would like to learn how to better mix and equalize thing. So if you hear anything that I can inprove and learn in recording. I would love your in site on all.

Interesting start nice effects nice build where are you taking us? Im ready to get on board

I really like the drum beats in the middle of the song - that's when it comes to life.

Kind of EDM meets classic rock.

I love this tune! It got me moving in my seat very well done, I enjoy the bass riff and I love the heavy drums in the hook(?) The guitar is edgy and works really bounces and flows with the rest of the drums.

Music Lori Jennerjohn Producer Lori Jennerjohn
Publisher Lori Jennerjohn Label Lori Jennerjohn
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