Story Behind The Song

One night I was out in the back yard writing a song, you know, working on a clever phrase and this song came to life before my very eyes.

Song Description

A man realizes that clever words aren't going to help now.

Song Length 2:53 Genre Folk - Alternative, Unique - Comedy
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Dysfunctional Relations, Marriage Similar Artists Randy Newman, Harry Nilsson



I was working on a clever phrase
Something smart, that I could say
Instead of making up lies and alibis
I should have been running away

Because she read me
Like an open book
she knew it all
with just one look
and in her hand was a frying pan
and you know that she doesn't cook

All those years of being a cop
I should have known
that bullshit walks
but here I am
A guilty man
Who's just been caught

Now I'm riding
in the ambulance
I'm wondering where
my common sense went
Common sense
ain't common
that's what my old man said

but I was working on a clever phrase
a starring role in my little play
instead of making up lies and alibis
I should have been running away

But I was only drinking with some friends
no harm no foul it was no great offense
What's that you say?
It's your birthday?
It's come around again?
I should have run run away

Next time, I'll let the truth be said
I'm reminded by this bump on my head
Now i gotta run, it's tow for one
down at The Fountain Head

But I'll be well rehearsed you'll see
The perfect tale
She'll just have to believe
What's that you say?
You think today
is my Anniversary?

I should have run run away.

©2011 jeff rauschl

Interesting stuff! Good lyrics and vocal delivery, I liked the talking narrative following the melody line, it really gave the song origianality. Thanks I enjoyed this.

fun and corny, simple tune

Lyrics jeff rauschl Music jeff rauschl
Producer jeff rauschl Performance jeff rauschl
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