Story Behind The Song

Though I live in Miami I came from the land of snow and ice. I like to show the truth behind the legend of life in a tropical paradise.

Song Description

A fickle girl friend goes on spring break leaving our storyteller behind in the snow.

Song Length 3:56 Genre Folk - Alternative, Unique - Comedy
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Troubled, Delighted Subject Dysfunctional Relations, General
Similar Artists Randy Newman, Jimmy Buffett Language English
Era 2000 and later



I got a postcard in my mailbox
I just had knocked the ice off
Stamped Miami, Saturday
She was down there on spring break

On the front there was a photo
quite cliche, the one we all know
Golden sands and Aqua seas
palm trees swaying in the breeze

Across the front were fourteen letters
Art deco pink that made me shutter
it said lover's paradise
and that didn't sit so right

As my breath fogged up my glasses
flipped it over for the message
felt a chill run down my spine
as I read between the lines

"My vacation in Miami Beach is going mighty fine
Everyone here is so friendly, there's a party all the time
I'll write more when I'm able but for now I gotta go"
she signed the card xxxxoo

I tucked the card into my jacket
went to work to clear the roads off
plow the snow and salt the ice
that had built up over night

This was my busy season
though I doubted my decision
to let her fly away
to Miami on spring break

Pulled my truck off in a snow bank
called her cell, heard her phone ring
coffee freezing in my cup
and she wasn't picking up

I felt the wind chill growing savage
as I listened to her message
by the greeting on her phone
I knew she wasn't coming home

"I'm on Vacation in Miami where the party never ends
Everyone here is so sexy and I'm making lots of friends
I'll call back when I'm able but I think that you should know
that I'm not missing all that snow."

I threw the postcard in the junk drawer
lit a fire to warm my feet
I swore this was the last time
that girl would make a fool of me
imagine my amazement
when I turned on MTV
and there she was
In a wet t shirt, bouncing all around the stage
some Latino in a Speedo had his hand around her waist.

My frozen heart thawed with the weather
as the spring gave way to summer
winter's sacrifices paid
it was a well earned holiday

The weather channel man was saying
Miami Beach was in the pathway
of a storm a hurricane
and by chance they shared a name

I sent a postcard to the shelter
wehre I heard she'd taken cover
The glossy photo some cliché
a picnic basket in the shade

I chose my words I chose my letters
Trying hard not to be clever
but the opportunity
somehow got the best of me

"I hope you find a party
in that school gymnasium
and when your t-shirt finally drys out
I hope you find your friends
I'd really like to help out
but you see I gotta go"
was the last three letters that I wrote

good story song, entertaining

WoW!!! that caught me off gaurd in a good way! GEEZ Man that was wild and strange and an awesome recalling of betrayal. its a good it a true story? what a lying Bi*^# man but ultimately you got the better end off the deal: a real genuinely unique song.

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