Story Behind The Song

I started out with a happy go lucky beat and sound but as the story revealed itself to me it came to be a little bit different then "happy go lucky".

Song Description

A happy song with a twisted twist.

Song Length 3:59 Genre Folk - Alternative, Unique - Comedy
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood In High Spirits, Welcoming Subject Walking, Highway, Street, Road
Similar Artists Harry Nilsson, Warren Zevon Language English
Era 2000 and later


I got an old tattered backpack
and a new pair of sneakers
and I'm gonna hit the highway
for the sun comes up
'cause I gotta try and find you
'cause I got something for you
in this old tattered backpack don't you know.

Well I got no appointments
and i got no prospects
and they said leave the building
'for the sun comes up
so I'm gonna try and find you
'cause I got something for you
it's a real humdinger don't you know

Well i thought that we were lovers
thought we'd always be together
thought that 'ner would anyone come in between
guess you took me for a sucker
and you ran off with my brother so it seems

so I loaded up my backpack
and I slipped on my sneakers
and I'm headed out tomorrow
when the sun comes up
'cause I gotta try and find you
'cause I got something for you
in that old tattered backpack don't you know

Now everyone says "just forget her"
and "we thought we knew you better"
but lately they say
I'm acting kind of mean
Now they all keep their distance
from this man on a mission
but soon they'll see another side of me

I got a black market taser
and a new roll of duct tape
and I'm gonna go a huntin'
when the sun comes up
and you know I'm gonna find you
cause I packed it all so special
in that old tattered backpack don't you know.
And once again we will be lovers
and we'll always be together
never more will anyone dare come between
No one will 'er discover
what became of little brother
can't you see
I got an old logger's cabin
and a new set of ID's
and we'll ride off together
when the sun comes up...

clever writing melding pathos (sadness and humor) within a simple and straight forward singer/songwriter/folk style. well done, my good man. enjoyed it immensely.

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