Story Behind The Song

A song that comes partially from personal experience. Someone I care about has chosen a life on the mean streets of South Florida, though not necessarily Miami as in the tune

Song Description

A man looks for his lost love on the "mean streets" of Miami, FL

Song Length 3:38 Genre Folk - Contemporary, Folk - Alternative
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Poignant Subject Worry
Similar Artists Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits Language English
Era 2000 and later


©2013 jeff rauschl

She's M I A, down here in MIA
Cause of me she strayed
'cause of me she up and run away
Words spoken didn't say
No rewind, reset or replay
Now I'm looking everyday
down the mean streets of MIA

I've been looking all around
Everywhere, across this Scar Face town
From Opa Locka to Overtown
and all those dark places trouble can be found

Form the river to the bay
Coral Gables down to Coral Way
Gotta find that girl
before it's too late
before the music stops
and the fiddler's paid

And she's M I A down here in MIA
'cause of me she came this way
'cause of me she up and run away
Thoughts spoken didn't say
Damage done my mistakes I can't erase
but I keep searching every day
on the mean streets of MIA

The magic city
The 3-0-5
Where the players run game
down on deco drive
Look for girls
with stars in their eyes
pull them in, drag them down
and eat 'em up alive

I haven't given up the chase
Gonna find that girl, before it's too late
I'm rehearsing everything I'll say
Wrap her up we'll get away from MIA

She's M I A down here in MIA
And I'm so lonely everyday down here in MIA
Don't know why she ran away, down here in MIA
But I keep searching every day down the mean streets of MIA

Looking everyday down the mean streets of MIA - great lyrics!
love the instrumental too!

Gentle song,relaxing vibe ,good lyrics, enjoyed it

This is a funny little song, and it is meant to be a funny little song. I think the music is very good, and for a funny little song the singer who can't really sing or stay in tune or reach the higher notes is just right. Clever babble lyrics, repeated with variations.

unique relaxed sound. interesting story to the song. The sparse arrangement works well for this song. The mix is well done.

Good track........very stark........but the song knows where its going.......enjoyed it......

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