Story Behind The Song

Sometimes I feel stuck, going no where or if I am going somewhere it's around in circles.

Song Description

Metaphorical look at life imagined as a Carousel Horse.

Song Length 3:08 Genre Folk - Rock, Folk - Alternative
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Disturbed Subject Life, Carnivals, Circus
Era 2000 and later


Lyrics Carousel Pony
copyright 2013

See my Lacquer how it's cracking
there's a scratch below my eye
look close you'll see graffiti
painted over on my thigh
Once I thought I was a stallion
That's just a dirty lie
I'm just a Carousel Pony on a carnival ride

I'm bobbing up and down for hours
in a stream of consciousness
every day in one direction
every night monotonous
'till till the crowds have left the midway
and they're turning out the lights
'till I'm left alone in darkness
it scares me every time

I'm just a carousel Pony
on a carousel ride
Going round and round in circles
in my carousel life
If I could I'd break away
and gal;lop off into the night
but I'm stuck here like a statue
on this carousel ride.

Once I dreamed i was a coaster with a thrill at every curve
Going faster, more adventure every drop and every turn
Every scream so electric, pulse my heart spark my nerves
but I'm stuck here on this thing maybe this is all I really deserve

(to be a)
carousel Pony
on a carousel ride
Going round and round in circles
in my carousel life
Man I wish I could break away
and gallop off into the night
but I'm just a carousel pony
on a carousel ride

How I wish I was a coaster
Reaching Higher up to god
maybe then he'd hear my prayers
and take me to the great beyond
but till then I keep my faith cause
it's my purpose it's my job
There's a reason I was chosen for the carousel ride

So maybe you could use a ticket
climb on board one more time
Bring the smallest of your children
It's the safest of the rides
lift them up onto my saddle
take a picture
for a moment so much more
than just a pony
on a carousel ride.

Cool voice reminds me a little of Cake. Liked it!

like the lyrics, well done, nice imaginative writing.

really good theme on this song. the lyrics are inventive and smart. liked the style and melody and the backing music the little touches gave it that soemthing extra

Lyrics Jeff Rauschl Music Jeff Rauschl
Performance Jeff Rauschl
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