Morning Weed

Song Length 3:43 Genre Country - Rockabilly


I wake up suddenly not that sure of the time
One thing that I know the sun is shining in my eyes
I turn to see the blinking twelve that never lies
I guess I'm late for work unless the moon is in disguise
Now here I lie with only one choice left to make
Do I call in sick or will they know that it's a fake
Bought and sold you know that it's a game of give and take
All the things that I could do today but I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get baked

Morning weed it's been so long with morning weed you can't go wrong
Morning weed, best served in a bong
Morning weed my heart you stole, morning weed's my only goal
Morning weed, pack another bowl

I wake up like it is any other day
Stumble out of bed and prepare my breakfast jay
If she were here I wonder, wonder what she'd say
But she's not, so I smoke it anyway
I wash it back with a smoke and cup of jo
Did I wash my face or brush my teeth I do not know
I'm feeling high right now but later I'll be low
My day is shot before noon but that's just the way it goes

Morning weed may bring me down and morning weed makes me a clown
Morning weed, twist another round
Morning weed my other girl, morning weed you rock my world
Morning weed never makes me hurl

I wake up wondering where I am, I'm all alone
Puking on my hands and knees before the mighty throne
I stumble down the hallway where I hope to find a phone
The pictures on the walls don't look like anyone I've known
I call up buddy for a ride away from here
Thinking what I did last night the worst I always fear
Someone's mom and dad are home but buddy's horn I hear
I flee the scene and spark a joint and while he tokes I steer

Morning weed you scratch the itch, morning weed I'll be your bitch
Morning weed, too much makes me twitch
Morning weed is all I need, morning weed's a dirty deed
Morning weed

Lyrics Jeff Doering Music Jeff Doering
Producer Jeff Doering Performance Jeff Doering

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