I'm Not Alone

Song Length 3:15 Genre Folk - Americana


I'm Not Alone
©Jeffrey C. Ashbaker 8-9-2019

I've been caught up & bogged down, by the things that I'm not
And there's no end to food for that thought
That's why it's easy to dwell, at the front gate to hell
They gotta strike, while the iron is hot

Does grateful imagine, that something is great
Like faithful believes in blind faith
Since no man is an island and no man's a stone
I'm glad, that I'm not alone

There's Debbie & Joe, Darrell & Zo, Warren & Whitey & Wee
Amy & Andrea, Jeffrey & Marlee and Betty, dear (sweet) (more) Betty & me

So I welcome good fortune, while I follow my dreams
And I'm lucky to see and be seen
By you people so gracious and all the dog's faces
That frequent my daily routine

So don't think that I haven't noticed you here
I'm just shy, since I quit drinking beer
There's a beauty in the future and a comfort to the past
But, nowadays time moves so fast

--Repeat Chorus--

So I'm not alone anymore, I'm not alone when I eat, or I sleep
And I feel the magic, that rocks, with the love and the peace

--Repeat Chorus--

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