Song Length 3:27 Genre Unique - Soundtracks, Classical - Romantic

A very nice and calming song with a touch of sadness or maybe despair. The musician had a very nice dynamic touch to his/her playing. Dynamics are something you either have or you don't, and this musician has them in spades. The composition is well written and performed and did not need any accompaniment at all. I could see this being used in some sort of dramatic scene where there is longing for something or someone. Well well done! Cheers

This is really beautiful!! Reminds me of George Winston years ago...really emotionally evocative, somewhat haunting music. Would work great for a film I think. I LOVE IT!!!!

It's a really beautiful piece of music. The melody is subtle and poignant. It has an insistent, melancholic ambience. Very nicely played. The piece has the feel of something Eric Satie might have written.

It's a piano piece that could be used in a Film, it's quite beautiful with wonderful movement. I don't play piano, wish I did, but this is quite extravagant and moving...perfect playing not a note missed, with excellent timing, noticed that the composition is 3:27 minutes in length and it never feels that at all!! GREAT JOB!!

Music Jeana Potthoff Producer Jeana Potthoff
Performance Jeana Potthoff
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