Dora's Lullaby

Song Length 3:57 Genre Unique - Soundtracks, Unique - Unclassified
Era 2000 and later

Loved it,such a pretty melody and played so well with great expression. I congratulate you on a lovely piece! Its perfect and one of the best pieces i have heard here .This has to be in a romantic movie,good luck.

Beautiful, meaningful and inspirational piece, that sounds like it could fit in a movie or life time tv show of interaction between a mother and a daughter in a loving way that really draws you in.

VEry moving very well played with emotion.I loved this piece and listened to the end. I can hear this in a movie or TV score

Very pleasant solo piano instrumental . I liked your pacing; the subtle slowing during various phrasings was very effective for emphasizing your melodic line. Very good recording quality .

Once in a while, you hit upon a memorable melody that you know is a "keeper". This song is one of those. This melody speaks to me; it tells a story. It's sweet. It evokes feeling. It has all the elements I look for in a great instrumental piece. Although it is played on the piano, its beauty shines through. I can see this used in a motion picture as a theme song.

Love acoustic Piano. Simplistic and powerful. Arranged nicely with solid production. Well done.

I loved this piece. You've done an excellent job at creating a mood. Melodically it's excellent. I love how you go back to the initial melody near the ending. This is one great song, I would LOVE to do a string arrangement for this. It has a lot of emotion and I just LOVE the melody. I think it would be a classic for the main melody of a movie to TV show.

Beautiful piano piece, can easily see this as the underscore during a sad scene in a movie.

There is so much to learn from listening to a piece like this. Everything is tight. Dynamics always moving, but you don't know it. Expression, Kill me dead. Ludwig would like you ver much.

Music Jeana M Potthoff Producer Jeana M Potthoff
Performance Jeana M Potthoff
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