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This song was used in the 2009 Warner Bros movie "Observe and Report" (starring Seth Rogen). For that movie usage it's under the alternate title "Constantly Falling". The theme of this song is a guy who changes his ways after falling madly in love with someone who sees past his faults.

Song Length 3:49 Genre Country - Contemporary, Country - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Relaxed, Endearing Subject Falling in Love, Madly In Love
Similar Artists Tim Mcgraw, Rascal Flatts Language English
Era 2000 and later



Pretty girls, I've known a few
I broke a heart a time or two
But love was something I never knew
Now I'm falling for you

Living fast and too carefree
Always came so naturally
Now I've changed who I used to be
Cause I'm falling for you

Baby, I'm falling
Constantly falling
Baby, I'm falling
In love with you

All my life I stumbled 'round
I'd tear it up then get pushed down
But now I slipped on sacred ground
And I'm falling for you

I hit ninety-five in my old Ford
And I have made the winning score
Jumped from a plane a mile high
But never felt so alive...as I do falling for you

Baby, I'm falling
Constantly falling
Baby, I'm falling
Deeper in love

Never thought there'd be someone
Who'd see past the wrongs I've done
My new life has just begun
As I'm falling for you

Lyrics JD Dohnal, Dave Tough Music JD Dohnal, Dave Tough
Producer JD Dohnal, Dave Tough Performance Shayne Hill--vocals
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