The Back Streets

Story Behind The Song

I lost someone I loved too deeply for words in February 2007 to an illness no one could treat. Seeking physical places we hadn't been together - the back streets - was the first step in coming in to terms with it, and became metaphorical in the song as we

Song Description

The feelings of bereavement: the disconnection from normal life that follows the death of a loved one and the need for solitude to heal. 'The Back Streets' are both literal and metaphorical.

Song Length 4:49 Genre Folk - Contemporary
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Mixed Vocals
Mood Moving, Poignant Subject Sorrow, Numbness
Similar Artists Joan Armatrading, Tracy Chapman Language English
Era 2000 and later


The Back Streets
© 2007 by Jamie Ambrose

I?ll take the back streets, I need to find a new way home.
My heart?s missing a beat, and there?s nothing to be done.
The silence of memory is far too loud to bear,
But the weight of present days is not so heavy here.

Out in the back streets, no one knows your name,
And they?ll let me rest in shadow til the sun finds us again.
We?ll let the voices of ages flow by us like a wave,
And pretend a life of choices was never mine to give.

Daylight will come, I know.
There will be open doors, I know.
?It just takes time -?
But what does time take?

As earth turn on around me
As the hours come and go
I?m alright as I can be
Out in the back streets, until I find a new way home

Out in the back streets, it?s never hot or cold
And there?s no one to remind you ?You did all that you could.?
The touch of a lover doesn?t chill you to the bone,
And the hand of a friend?s not so tender that it burns

Daylight will come, I know
There will be open doors, I know
It just takes time
But what does time take?
Where does it take you?

(repeat chorus x2)

Cool Tune, I can hear it on a soundtrack

You have a lovely voice! I think your song is soft and sweet! It hopeful and pretty! I know I can get home on the back streets. There are many routes but the back streets and the gravels where I live and they do confuse yet when comfortable with them they lead to many areas of my world! Sincerely, ME

Pleasant sounding and super smooth. This song moves along so nicely and comfortably. Well performed and voiced, this one stays on the mind long after being played. This one is poised for opportunities from the big guys who are looking for the right song for their superstars to make some money on. The best of luck to you!

Emotion-moving, heart-moving, what depth and great expression of the emotion. Well done! Love the vocal range, too. ...

Fascinating lyrics. I am anxious to see who you are, so I can read the lyrics. The gist of your song resonates with me as far as I can grasp the full meaning without reading them: I was born and grew up in Denmark, I have been fortunate to be able to spend summers there for many years, but now I am too tired to return for a visit - there are too many memories, too many friends, too much emotion in a return. Your song seems to me to say something akin to that.
Love the voice, so easy, so itself and vulnerable. A typical folk song about self and feelings, easy, sad and one you will want to hear again and again.

Really strong and atmospheric track......good voice........nice work........

true folk sound, love the vocal to this song. lyrics generally strong.

Great song, really enjoyed it. well recorded acoustic guitar with good finger style throughout. Good lyrics also, I think that a more lavish arrangement might spoil the feel of this intimate song. Liked it a lot, thanks.

Lyrics Jamie Ambrose Music Jamie Ambrose
Performance Jamie Ambrose
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