Song Length 3:42 Genre Rock - Modern, Pop - Rock
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Language English
Era 2000 and later


Verse 1

She sits on the stairs alone
And dressed to lock the door
Escapes the world outside its like a war
And all these fantasies inside
Will they carry across the water
To lose the doubts in mind

Verse 2

And with her thoughts now in demand
Redemption fills the task at hand
A daring step in to the world
And if this world can't find her place,
The underworld will fill the space
A wish upon a star to live tomorrow


You feel the same way every day
You're tired of thinking what to say
You feel confusion in more than one way
When life is tragic in more than one day
It's nice to know that we all contain
A bitter side to fill the gain
So tired of hearing what they say
In a world of bitter pain

Verse 3

And all along this riddled mind
Self assured it will be just fine
When everything inside looks the way it does
Fill the mind, fill the space,
Fill everything that's gone to waste
And walk along the walls of our tomorrow


Its nice to know that we're all heading for the same
Final destination feeling obligating change

Lyrics Joshua Barker Producer Shane Edwards
Performance Inakin
Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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