Rainbows without rain

Story Behind The Song

About some friends of mine who got married despite the turblant relationship they'd always had. Unfortunately they ended up breaking up. This song about why love can be so painful.

Song Description

Just as rainbows for all their beauty bring together both joyous sunshine and miserable rain. Love for all too many only seems to exist in the turbulent relationships that swing from joy to misery; tender passion to destructive anger. Like the very fleeti

Song Length 4:15 Genre Pop - General, Pop - Standards
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Poignant
Subject Sadness, Heartbreak Similar Artists Adele, Bruno Mars
Language English Era 2000 and later


Rainbows without rain

Why can't there be rainbows without rain.
Why can't there be love without pain.
Why at the end of the storm
will another rain cloud start to form.

Tell me where did I go wrong, there must be somethin' I don't know.
It wasn't me who started this storm, and yet it's me who has to go.
I just felt the winds of change, and when I tried to warn you.
You made me feel I was to blame, I guess I wont try anymore.

I just want an end to this war.
I'm too tired to fight anymore.
I want love without pain.
I want rainbows without rain.

And as the bullets rain down on my head, I look to the heavens and wonder why.
It had to be me not you instead, and now it's too late to even cry
I should have seen this long ago, I guess that everyone else did.
Perhaps I just didn't want to know.

I just want an end to the storm.
There is no shelter anymore.
I want love without pain.
I want rainbows without rain.

And when all the hurt and pain is gone.
I know that love will still go on.
Just like the rainbows need the rain.
Love wouldn't be love without the pain.

It wouldn't be love without the pain.....

It wouldn't be love without the pain.....

This is a really great story and a really nice pop/rock ballad.. It's timeless!

The song "Rainbows" has a great music intro in the piano work. I think of a positive when it comes to rainbows but in this song it seems like a sad mood in your words of a search for "love without pain".
Please continue to write. Also use the tools of our trade of writing songs as song craftsmen. Know that no one in the world knows what a hit song is as it has to do with funding for product, marketing, & sales.
We all DO know a hit may be the next one you or I draft just as long as we continue to write & write it over again until it shines enough to share. May God bless!

Lyrics Ian Lee-Bennett Music Ian Lee-Bennett
Performance Vocals (Ian Lee-Bennett ), Piano (Gareth Wynne)

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