I Wonder

Song Length 4:26 Genre Rock - Modern, Rock - General
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Content, Welcoming
Subject General, General Language English
Era 2000 and later


I Wonder (words & music B.Hopkins)

Another season is changing, the fall is moving in
Is it another ending or is it where we begin?
I saw you in a dream that I had late last night
I was just wondering where you are and is everything all right?
I wonder, I wonder
Where you are tonight?
I wonder, I wonder
Is your light shining bright?

We lose our sense of time; time goes by so fast
Hanging on to good times, hope that they will last
Out of sight is out of mind, or so they say
Your smile is like the sun coming down at the end of a beautiful day

I wonder, wonder
Where you are tonight?
I wonder, wonder
Is your light shining bright?
I wonder, wonder
How you are these days?
I wonder, wonder
Did things go your way?

I saw you in dream
There your face was I couldn?t believe
There you were, you were standing in front of my eyes

People come and go, drifting through our lives
Your name is written in my book, you were on my mind
Out of style and out of fashion is something you?ll never be
Been taking a long walk down this lane called memory

Lyrics Brad Hopkins Music Brad Hopkins
Producer Brad Hopkins Publisher Brad Hopkins
Performance Brad Hopkins, Tim Timleck, Bill Borda, Marshall Tully Label Independent
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