Story Behind The Song

The way i view and perceive my own skin has destroyed my social life to a max. I now, do not let my medical problem rule my emotions. I am proud of my skin, its who i am.

Song Description

I do what's unexpected, always have. I shock, confuse and baffle people with my music. The way i produce is completely different because i do not stick to rules and create ways of doing things my way, the easy way. This track *skin* is part of my latest EP. It is a genre i feel i have created myself called a r c a d e. Because people are so use to a certain sound they are not sure if they like my tracks but that's just me putting thoughts and words into their head. I've never had a bad comment in over 20 years for my music but also never charged, until now. i desperately need to form a business from my music for my family, i dont know how to do anything else. If you do listen to my music and like it, for now you can download it all for free, so please share and tell your friends about Headphones Vocal, i need you all to help me out and get me heard, i cant do it myself, ive tried lol

Song Length 6:35 Genre Electronic - General, Electronic - Dubstep
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Other
Mood Enchanting, Tranquil Subject Spirituality, Existence
Language English Era 2000 and later


We're Living.....In Our Ow Skin.

very nice ....plenty of space

really strange but original song. excellent production, good choice of sounds and effects, including voice. I am not too fond of this typpoe of music but this caught my attention expecting what would come next as the song developed. Very good work

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