Milky Fly

Song Length 5:05 Genre Rock - Alternative
Era 2000 and later


Went on down to see Milky Fly and Spider Web
Someone asked who's Jamie's Brother
And why's he charging ten buck for a head?
Baby I don't know

Ran smack into Seymore Chicken
He said, "I've been stuck here in the back
Cruising on a Lazy Plane in a jacked up Cadillac"

I said "c'mon ma let's go"

Ah yes, just a trip through the mind in time
From mine to yours and yours to mine

A passenger old Diamond Jim
A pirate from the days of XKX
Flagged down Blind Fish in Mr Pigs Paint Truck
Pure happiness
Baby yes it was

He said "slide on over man let me tell you the meaning of success"
A shot of 7 cut him like a chainsaw
What a mess

I said "c'mon man let's go"

Lyrics Lance Bachler Music Lance Bachler, Chris Wright
Producer Lance Bachler, Chris Wright
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