Tough As Nails (Love Song for a Toyota Corolla)

Song Description

The story of a 2005 Toyota Corolla and the adventures she had, from the midwest to Hawaii and back again.

Song Length 6:05 Genre Folk - Contemporary
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Subject Cars Language English


She was born across the ocean, like many of her kind
Came to this land in pieces, from the assembly line
Sent to a sales lot, deep in the midwest
Where I found her in my sixteenth year, ready for her quest

We began our time together, quietly at first
The most excitement that she saw was goin in reverse
She frequented the grocery store, school and our home
But I could tell she shared my need to venture on and roam

Chorus: Couldn't tell by lookin' at her, she was tough as nails
Kept on chugging with the gas light on
Where bigger gas tanks failed
Took us through the mountains where the hummers dare not drive
If it wasn't for that little car, we may not have survived

So we packed our things into the trunk and headed toward the west
Went too fast in Texas, narrowly escaped arrest
Revved her engine at the fools when we heard them snicker
We knew they didn't care much for our liberal bumper stickers

Once we hit the shore in Cali, we didn't turn around
But loaded her onto to a boat that was Hawaii bound
She drove the road to Hana easily, turning like a pro
And spent her down time resting at the Kihei road condo


One year passed and then she got back on that crowded boat
And made her way back home, having sown her wild oats
She settled down in Bowling Green, ready for a break
Goin back and forth from work was such a piece of cake

It was a rainy night on Highway 65
The roads were slick and it was dark outside
She couldn't know a pot hole lay in wait
Where may other cars had met their fate



Lyrics Jordana Greenberg/Rebecca Reed-Lunn Music Jordana Greenberg/Rebecca Reed-Lunn
Producer Bil VornDick Publisher Grimm Rising
Performance Harpeth Rising Label Independent
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