Pardon Me (studio Live)

Story Behind The Song

there's not one

Song Description

a short little acoustic country number hank wrote

Song Length 2:21 Genre Country - Traditional, Country - Americana
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Welcoming, Heartbreaking Subject Searching for Love, Loneliness
Similar Artists Willie Nelson Language English
Era 2000 and later


when I walked into the room I noticed you right away
it bothered me to see you sitting all alone
I couldn't help but notice the tears in your eyes
pardon me if I don't say hello

it didn't seem right for me to bother you
it seemed like you had so much on your mind
and I didn't know what I should do
cause you looked like you could use a friend
I could'nt tell by the way you looked at me
pardon me if I don't say hello

cause i'm not sure what I should say to you
i'm pretty sure of what your going through
because I've been there a time or two
I know I can feel the pain like you do
well pardon me if I don't say hello
well pardon me if I don't say hello

Hank and Stu are on their way. You will hear more of them as they continue to develop into ace songwriters.

I think this song has a "classic country" sound. Don't know if that helps it much as far as being on the radio goes, but it is a classic sound. I like the vocals to. Just the right touch of reverb adds to the honkytonk atmosphere I feel in this song (kind of like the early Cash recording at Sun Records). It's not the most original song, BUT, very few "classic country" songs were original. They were what they were and that was part of the quality and realness of the genre. For me, this song fits into that era easily. Of course, compared to the stuff currently labeled as "country," this song does sound fresh and original. I'd like to here more music like this on the radio, but I tend to doubt it will happen.

This song tells a compelling story. It's well recorded, played and sung. Good demo.

Lyrics Hank Music Hank
Producer Stu Publisher hank and Stu
Performance Hank Label Noise From The Woodshed

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