Thief On The Cross

Story Behind The Song

From the biblical account of the cruxifiction of Jesus.

Song Description

This is the point of view of the thief on the cross --the one who repented and was taken to paradise because of the great mercy of Jesus.

Song Length 4:10 Genre Unique - Gospel, Country - Religious
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Composed, Content Subject God, Heaven
Similar Artists Kris Kristofferson, Vince Gill Language English
Era 2000 and later



Oh the wages of sin / I know them well
hanging between / heaven and hell.
I've come to the end / of my wicked way.
Justice is calling. / Now I must pay.

I'm the thief on the cross. Oh the evil I've done.
But right here beside me is God's only Son
sharing my pain and my suffering
so the thief on the cross can go home with the King.

Now I know this man Jesus / he can raise the dead.
Why do they mock him / with thorn on his head?
Don't they know? A kingdom is coming / beyond Calvary.
I cry to my Saviour / Remember me.

I deserve death. He gives me life.
How can a thief gain paradise?
Just a thief. just a

Thief on the cross. Oh the evil I've done
But talking right to me now is God's only Son
and he says he going to take me away
from my suffering
Oh the thief on the cross is going home with the King.
Oh the thief on the cross is going home with the King.

Lyrics Greg Young Music Greg Young
Producer Greg Young and Terry Mashburn Performance Lead guitar by Evan Christian, Keyboards by Gorden Cotten, Bass by Tim Bosely, Drums by Phillip Ellis, Background vocals by Bobby Penny, recorded and mixed by Terry Mashburn at Big Note Studio
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