Quiet Power

Story Behind The Song

Still waters run deep and they can SHOUT with a gospel choir accompaniment, too. I made an autobiographical comment about being so drawn to calm, profound, sexy folk and wanted to make an exultant expression full of life and soul and joy about what is quiet and beautiful.

Song Description

This song was famed DJ Ian O'Malley's favorite from the album and the catchy, organic and rhythmic arrangement sound like Paul Simon. Off-beat high-ceilinged group hand claps give the song a classic feel, and the gospel choir singing "power ! truth ! joy ! love !" over the syncopated acoustic guitar and bouncing bass with XTC-infused power drums combine to make an ebullient pop-rock celebration.

Song Length 4:35 Genre Pop - General, Rock - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Mixed Vocals
Mood Exultant, Joyful Subject Happiness, Power
Similar Artists The Beatles, XTC, Beach Boys, Fun, Arcade Fire, Todd Rundgren, Don Henley, George Michael Language English
Era 1970 - 1979


Down through the canals of chance
sailed the pair who paved the way for the trance
and I'll be the Zeus to your Mnemosyne

John and Mary, music and love
we'll make four of our own muses from above
and share of family of love mythology

Because they gave us quiet power
quiet power
through the ever-changing times
a persistent flower
quiet power, quiet power
what brought me to you was your quiet power

Sing to me my wild ocean waves
take me in your tide to the place
where soft is the hum and stronger is the pull
seagulls shouting sounds hovering over
angels gliding down inspect the water
and as my feet mold with the sand
I'm falling in love

with quiet power, quiet power
in the silence seeds become velvet petunia towers
quiet power, quiet power
what brought you to me was my quiet power

truth, joy and love
truth, joy and love
truth, joy and love

quiet power, quiet power
keep your ears wide open in your darkest hour
quiet power, quiet power
what brought us together was our quiet power

truth, joy and love
truth, joy and love
let the world show us quiet power

Lyrics Greg Schlotthauer Music Greg Schlotthauer
Producer Greg Schlotthauer Performance Greg Schlotthauer, Christian Cassan, Steve Rossiter, Kate Petterle, Vic Thrill, Billy Campion, Michael Isaacs
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