You Ha-Hard Man

Story Behind The Song

True story

Song Description

A song about and enduring relationship that both are too weak, or too uncertain, to break off.

Song Length 4:38 Genre Folk - Rock, Pop - Easy Listening
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Poignant
Subject Dysfunctional Relations



You walk into the room and you feel her eyes upon you.
It was just last night you broke her heart, so you don't speak, though you long to...
You tell yourself, everything to say you said last night, can't she see that it's over.

So you make your way to the far side of a crowded room.
And there you stay, in the twilight of your lonely gloom. She glances at you, so you turn away and drink your beer. It's was one big mistake, you coming here.

You Ha-Hard man.
(What's ya trying to prove?)
You Ha-Hard man.
(What's ya got to lose?)
You Ha-Hard man.
(Wouldn't be in your shoes!)

A couple of beers, and you see it all in a new light. After all these years, what's the harm in one more night?
You walk on over and she smiles at you with loving eyes, she's just there for the taking.


So you leave the party, to the knowing smiles of all your friends. Her place or yours, does it really matters where this ends?
So you not sure that you love her the way that she loves you. You know her eyes can see right through...You Ha-Hard man.

Lyrics Greg Moran Music Greg Moran
Performance Greg and Jacob Moran
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Clean Clean

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