He's Crazy

Song Length 4:12 Genre Country - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal


Take your space, you need it anyway, there no more room in your brain
You want common ground, but you won't get it while he's around
Don't you know your hearts not physically bound
He's playing games, the kind that make you ashamed that, you always the one taking the blame
This love you say seems a little bit elementary, cause that guy your with doesn't act his age

Cause he's crazy C-R-A-Z-Y,
He seemed nice at first but with time it got worse so why not say goodbye
Says he'll "pay the bills" but I want proof of that
He's got talk in his mouth bout his future self to keep you where your at
So get rid of him before he hurts your heart
He's only the first but he might be the worst that your gonna come about
Your only young once so go have your fun and don't let him hold you down

Don't get down on yourself, he's not worth the help
I know these things are hard to tell
The one that treats you right, might be on the other line
But your too caught up on this one guy
Sometimes we go through, things like this so we know what to do
When your dealing with a man who's a tool
So make your move and honey don't be confused
He's not gonna be your "I do"

*Repeat Chorus

I know you know it
I know he'll show it
Girl, the truth will set you free

Sooner or later, yes
The sooner the better,
If you loose that man the better off your gonna be

*Repeat Chorus

Yeah he's crazy, hmmm
Yeah he's crazy

Stupid crazy, ooooo

Lyrics Grace Kerlin, Michael Kerlin Music Grace Kerlin, Michael Kerlin
Producer Michael Kerlin Publisher Ridgeview Way Records
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